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Morten Jerven Discusses Micro and Experimental Approaches in Development Economics

Poor NumbersDan Hirschman interviewed Morten Jerven, author of Poor Numbers: How we are mislead by African development statistics and what to do about it, about his research on African development statistics.

Hirschman asked Jerven about how his book has been received by development economists and about the trend towards micro and experimental approaches in development economics:

One of the most interesting parts of the history of national income statistics is how rapidly and widely they diffused across the globe. Before World War II, hardly any country had official national income data, and none routinely relied on them to make policy. In the 1950s, the United Nations codified a global standard, the System of National Accounts, and official national income data became a requirement of modern nationhood – something every country had to produce, knowledge seen as indispensable for planning purposes, development aid, even assessing UN dues. And yet, while the UNSNA was a global standard, not all of the globe was equally suited to produce numbers according to its rules. In particular, the economies of Africa did not look like the economies of Western Europe where national income statistics were pioneered.

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  • Poor Numbers: How we are mislead by African development statistics and what to do about it by Morten Jerven
    EAN: 9781775820659
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