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New: The Courage of ||kabbo Celebrates Centenary of Specimens of Bushman Folklore

The Courage of ||kabboNew from UCT Press, The Courage of ||kabbo: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Specimens of Bushman Folklore edited by Janette Deacon and Pippa Skotnes:

The year 2011 marked the centenary of the publication of Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd’s publication, Specimens of Bushman Folklore, a unique and globally important record of the language and poetry of the now-extinct language of the |xam Bushmen. This edited volume celebrates this anniversary. It is named after ||Kabbo, a prisoner released from the Breakwater Convict Station in the 1870s, who remained in Cape Town far from home and family and sacrificed the freedom of his final years to teach Bleek and Lloyd his language and make his stories known by way of books. The stories in the Bleek and Lloyd archive are now all that remains of the world view of the |xam.

Chapters by a range of experts from a wide array of disciplines comment on the past and present treatment of Bushmen and attempts to keep their culture alive. They deal with issues of archival research and publication, with the difficulties of understanding oral literature through writing and with the active curation of archives. And they explore the world view of different groups of Bushmen through rock art, the paintings done for Bleek and Lloyd, their poetry and their language.


IntroductionPippa Skotnes, Janette Deacon (UCT and Rock Art Research Institute, Wits University)
Chapter 1: From landscape to literature: Specimens in images – Pippa Skotnes (University of Cape Town)
Chapter 2: The life of the Louis Fourie Archive of Khoisan Ethnologica – Carolyn Hamilton, Ann Wanless (UCT)
Chapter 3: Louis Anthing (1829-1902) – José Manuel de Prada Samper (UCT)
Chapter 4: The methodological basis of Wilhelm Bleek’s Reynard the Fox in South Africa (1864): a precursor to the Specimens – Andrew Lamprecht (UCT)
Chapter 5: The story of ││Kabbo and Reynard the Fox: notes on cultural and textual history – Hermann Wittenberg (University of the Western Cape)
Chapter 6: The foundation of African studies: Wilhelm Bleek’s African linguistics and the first ethnographers of southern Africa – Robert Thornton (University of the Witwatersrand)
Chapter 7: Gathering wisdom: reassembling Wilhelm Bleek’s library – Tanya Barben (UCT)
Chapter 8: The Bleek and Lloyd collection and rock art research – JD Lewis-Williams (Rock Art Research Institute, Wits University)
Chapter 9: Colonial adventurer, loyal follower or problematic afterthought? Revisiting the life and scholarship of Dorothea Bleek – Jill Weintroub (UCT)
Chapter 10: Lucy Lloyd’s !Xuun notebooks: Towards an edition and linguistic analysis – Florian Lionnet (Berkeley University)
Chapter 11: Images of loss and abundance: reading paintings and drawings from the !kun children’s material in the Bleek and Lloyd Collection (1879-1881) – Marlene Winberg (UCT)
Chapter 12: Dreams and stories – Mathias Guenther (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)
Chapter 13: Men and lions: engraved forever on the Brinkkop Hills – Janette Deacon (Rock Art Research Institute, Wits University)
Chapter 14: ‘The pictures of the │Xam people are in their bodies’: presentiments, landscape and rock art in ││Kabbo’s country – José de Prada Samper (UCT)
Chapter 15: Moths of the game: │Xam Bushman belilefs about hunting and rock paintings of moths – Jeremy Hollmann (KwaZulu-Natal Museum)
Chapter 16: Binding beliefs: the creolisation process in a ‘Bushman’ raider group in nineteenth-century southern Africa – Sam Challis (Rock Art Research Institute, Wits University)
Chapter 17: Bushman literature of the Drakensberg: the re-emergence of a ‘vanished voice’ – Michael Wessels (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Chapter 18: A century of the Specimens of Bushman Folklore: 100 years of academic neglect – Ménan du Plessis (UCT)
Chapter 19: Omnis traductor traditor: linguistic analyses of │Xam as interpretive tools – Robyn Loughnane (Humboldt University, Berlin), Mark McGranaghan (Rock Art Research Institute, Wits University), Tom Gueldemann (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Chapter 20: ‘A song sung by the star !Gaunu, and especially by Bushman women’: the blossoming of the uintjieblom – Helize van Vuuren (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
Chapter 21: ‘People who are different’: Alterity and the /Xam – Anne Solomon
Chapter 22: Penetrating shrouds of the night – David Block (Wits University)
Chapter 23: Locating │Xam beliefs and practices in a contemporary KhoeSan context – Chris Low (Oxford University)
Chapter 24: Biesje Poort rock engravings, Northern Cape, past and present – Mary Lange, Miliswa Magongo and Shanade Barnabas (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Chapter 25: ‘The Wolf and the Man’ – Katriena Swartz
Chapter 26: ││Kabbo’s legacy: San heritage conservation and language development today – Megan Biesele (Kalahari Peoples’ Network)
Chapter 27: Some reflections – Roger Chennells (South African San Institute)
Chapter 28: The /Xam and the San youth of today – Jobe Gabototwe (!khwa ttu San Cultural and Educational Centre)
Chapter 29: Archives in heaven: a tribute to the courage of ││Kabbo – Isabel Hofmeyr (Wits University)

About the editors

Janette Deacon is Honorary Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at Unisa, and is a leading expert on rock art in South Africa. She has written over 130 academic papers, and six books. She manages the Rock Art Research Initiative, a programme of the Getty Conservation Institute, at Wits University.

Pippa Skotnes is Professor at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town. She has authored and co-authored several books on the writings of Bleek and Lloyd, most recently Landscape to literature (Axeage Press, 2011), and has curated several exhibitions around the theme of the San, among other subjects. She is a world-renowned artist in her own right.

Book details

  • The Courage of ||kabbo: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Specimens of Bushman Folklore edited by Janette Deacon, Pippa Skotnes
    EAN: 9781919895468
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